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Principles of online engagement

Use a principles-based approach to engage with your stakeholders online.

Build trust through transparency and responsiveness

Be clear and open about the process, and provide a public record of the organisers, sponsors, outcomes, and range of views and ideas expressed. Meaningful and responsive engagement builds trust and confidence in Government’s ability to deliver to people’s needs.

Encourage collaboration

Support and encourage people, the public sector, community groups and others to work together to improve government.

Encourage openness and learning

Create a safe environment to explore new ideas, learn and apply information in ways that generate options collaboratively and make sure engagement is effective and relevant.

Set clear expectations

Set expectations about the purpose of the engagement and how much influence people will have over the outcomes.

Be inclusive and reflect diversity

Include a wide range of people, voices, ideas, and information to lay the groundwork for results that reflect the views of all stakeholders.

Make engagement standard practice

Promote a culture of engagement as standard practice across the public sector in support of ongoing public participation.

Honour the Treaty of Waitangi / Te Tīrīti O Waitangi

Tangata Whenua and Tangata Tīrīti work together to protect our respective rights and uphold our responsibilities to realise common and distinctive aspirations for increasing and improving fair and active participation.

Plan and prepare carefully

Through adequate and inclusive planning, ensure that engagement serves both a clearly defined purpose and the needs of the participants.

Principles from other countries

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