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Managing online channels — overview

Good management of online channels involves mechanisms to manage investment, outcomes and accountability, the web information and data lifecycle, and security and privacy.

Online management model

An online management model will help website owners and business managers make informed decisions about making efficient use of their online channel and optimising resource and investment.

A consistent approach to creating, maintaining and developing websites, and sharing resources and ideas across the wider government web domain, will improve the online experience for the New Zealand public and increase cost-efficiency across the government web sector.

Agencies should have governance mechanisms in place to manage 3 interlinked principles of managing web channels:

  • Investment
    • What strategic outcome is sought from delivery online?
    • How much does it cost to deliver and maintain it?
  • Outcomes
    • How do we know the intended outcome is being realised?
    • Is the intended outcome still valid?
    • Is continued investment justifiable?
  • Accountability
    • What governance structures and roles are in place to measure and manage cost-effective online delivery?
    • What mechanisms are in place to provide assurance that online services remain fit for purpose, accurate and trustworthy?

Web information and data lifecycle

All government websites and content need to be fit for purpose and consistent with government strategies and policies. They must also comply with mandatory standards and legislation.

This guidance covers creating information and data, content maintenance, content re-use, and removing or archiving content.

Web information and data lifecycle

Security and privacy for websites

This guidance will help business owners, managers and administrators of government websites make decisions around online protective security and privacy risk management.

It covers:

  • essential information to help keep government websites secure
  • establishing a risk profile
  • ensuring  security and privacy are built in to design and development processes and that web-based systems are fit for purpose from the outset.

Security and privacy for websites

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