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Apply for a domain name

The application process can take around 2 to 10 working days, depending on the nature of the application and the level of consultation needed.

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    Check you’re eligible

    Government organisations are eligible to register a third-level domain name for:

    • a new government organisation or business unit
    • multi-agency projects or initiatives with a significant public profile.

    Who decides you’re eligible

    The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is the government Registrar for and domain names.

    DIA forwards requests for domains to the domain name moderator at the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health requires that conform to the Moderation Policy.
    Moderated second levels — Domain Name Commission NZ

    DIA liaises with the:

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    Choose a domain name

    For new government organisations or business units, choose a name that reflects the official name of the new entity — preferably in full or using a subject matter keyword.  This avoids confusion with the domain names of other government organisations.

    For an eligible project or initiative, choose a name that describes the purpose of the site and service provided.

    Choose a domain name

    For more information about registering a domain, see the Policy for the Moderation and Registration of Internet Domain Names.

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    Complete the application form template

    The application form template includes important guidance and context.

    It will ensure youve provided enough information for the Domain Name Service Team to make an informed decision. You can either submit this form by email or use the information in it to help you complete the online application form in Step 4 below.

    Domain Name Application (docx 176KB)

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    Submit your application

    You can apply by email or use the online form.

    Apply by email

    Email your completed application form, using the template in Step 3 above, to

    Apply using the online form

    Log in to the government DNS Management Portal and complete the online application form with information from your application form template.

    To get access to the Portal, contact the Domain Name Service Team.

    Terms and conditions

    By applying for a name in the namespace, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions associated with this namespace and with the standard terms and conditions required by the Domain Name Commissioner (DNC).

    Terms and Conditions

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    What happens next


    If you apply by email using the Word document template in Step 3 above, youll get acknowledgement from the Domain Name Service Team within 1 to 2 working days.

    If you apply online using the Portal in Step 4 above, youll get acknowledgement from the system straight away.


    The Domain Name Service Team will review your application and let you know if they have any questions or suggestions.

    The team might also consult with other government organisations if the domain name you’ve applied for is similar to their existing domain name, or if they are leaders in the sector for particular keywords relating to your service.


    Youll usually receive approval, or be asked to provide more information, within 1 to 2 working days.

    Approval is not automatic or guaranteed. Each decision is made case by case.

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