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The Service Innovation Lab has to report regularly on progress to our governance groups.

The end of financial year report is available in full here and the executive summary and conclusion is below.

We will be announcing our plans for the upcoming year in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

It will be a big year and we look forward to growing both our capacity and our collaborative efforts across the community. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive to date!

Executive Summary

This is the final Service Innovation Report for the 2017-18 financial year. All deliverables were completed as per the summary in this report.

The team also explored the unique value proposition of the Service Innovation Lab which will help inform the cross-agency governance bodies on what is best done through the Lab.  

During the year we looked at emerging technologies and trends and their implications for government and we explored system barriers and opportunities for genuine digital transformation of the New Zealand public sector.

Our focus is to always to collaborate and enable greater innovation throughout the public service in the course of our work, The Service Innovation Lab, working with agencies and partners across New Zealand, provides a good example of how genuine collaboration around shared goals can drive better outcomes for everyone.

In June 2018, the Service Innovation Working Group (SIWG, the SI Lab oversight governance body) agreed to increase support for the Service Innovation Work Programme, including work done in and with the Lab, for initiatives agreed by the Service Innovation Reference Group (SIRG).

This vote of confidence, especially in the absence of a requirement for agencies to fund the work programme, speaks volumes about the confidence generated in the Service Innovation Lab and work programme as a means for agencies to accelerate the design and delivery of better services for the people of New Zealand Aotearoa.

The Service Innovation Lab is a credit to the Service Innovation Reference and Working Groups (our cross agency governance groups), the agency teams and partners who came together with the Lab around building better services for people around life events and proactive entitlements, and the dedicated Service Innovation team who have worked to deliver and support both an environment conducive to genuine collaboration, and a highly skilled workforce to support service innovation.

Report close

The Lab has had a good year moving through start-up phase to a small scale operational team that can support agencies in the design and development of better public services. A highly skilled team has been established around the key goal of improving government services for New Zealanders.  It also aims to enable systemic transformation of the public sector through collaboration and apply design and development best practices with a whole of system, user journey and life event based lens. The team has operated under great uncertainty but delivered above expectations to prove the value of such a cross-agency function as an enabler of genuine service innovation.

The work and the way of working (openly) generates a continuous pipeline of opportunities which will continue to be presented to SIRG each meeting for discussion and prioritisation, where the opportunities align with and complement the work programme as agreed.

As a final word, I want to thank Karl, Darryl and the SIRG and SIWG participants for all their leadership and support. Thank you to all the agencies and Council staff who have worked so collaboratively with an open heart and mind. Thank you to all the companies, organisations and specialists who have shared in the journey; we look forward to working more with industry and non-profit partners! A big thank you to the broader Service Innovation team who have provided support, secretariat, expertise and all the work needed to protect an innovation lab from the machinations of government :)

Finally, my greatest thanks to all the special, talented, passionate and committed members of the Service Innovation Lab team. You are all exceptional in the work you do and your contributions have made a difference far beyond the scope of what any of us could have imagined. I look forward to seeing our efforts continue to transform, challenge, enable, empower and influence the system around us to truly be what our communities need.

If you'd like to stay across the work from the Service Innovation Lab, please join our mailing list.

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