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A new model

Lab+ is creating an integrated service through the lens of a life event. It's a collaborative process, a new model for integrated discovery, it's not always easy to step outside your current understanding or experience. However, it's so refreshing to truly put the user at the centre of what we're doing. One of the real strengths of the Lab+ team is the diversity of perspectives and experiences that each individual brings. By working together and keeping an open mind we are achieving exciting stuff. We have an openness to creative discomfort, appreciate the advantages of collaboration and we are innovating with purpose.

We are fortunate to have a wealth of experience and previous user research to draw on (including R10 Customer InsightsResult 10: creating customer segmentsSmartStart research and lessons learned report).

Everyone has been really giving with their time and resources and that makes it easier to not only not reinvent the wheel, but also continuously evolve the quality of the user outcomes. Team shout outs to Ministry of Social Development, Department of Internal Affairs, SmartStart team,, R10, Inland Revenue, Tertiary Education Commission, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employement (including Immigration), Pharmac, Commission for Financial Capability, CatalystIT, CreativeHQ, Assurity and last but certainly not least the members of the public who are our end users who validate our progress.

Lessons so far

The Lab+ team have completed our first stream of user research which included workshops and phone interviews with end users. This has both validated previous research and added further insights into the integrated Government knowledge pool. Ultimately, this has enhanced our ongoing understanding of the outcomes and allowed continuous improvement. We are currently experimenting with the proposed conceptual models and these will be validated with user research over the coming weeks. Lab+ User insights posts coming soon.

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