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Since opening in September 2018 Marketplace has signed up suppliers and government organisations - and generated global interest. Organisations can sign up now to get the benefits of the Marketplace for Government.

Since opening in September 2018 Marketplace has signed up suppliers and government organisations - and generated global interest. Organisations can sign up now to get the benefits of the Marketplace for Government.

In this post we will recap our work so far, what we have found out and what comes next.

Recap on Marketplace:

Marketplace has been set up to provide a flexible online space for suppliers and government organisations - large and small - to do business. Marketplace reduces the time, cost and complexity of procurement whilst making it easier for suppliers to get their services in front of potential customers.

On Marketplace you can find, compare, buy and rate the product or service you need, all in the one place. Marketplace is currently open to suppliers of Public Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS), with more channels and services to be added over the coming months. 

What’s been happening?


Suppliers we’ve talked to are finding it straightforward to sign-up online, and we can answer common questions. These fall into two areas: completing cloud risk assessment requirements; and how to set up their services. 

Risk assessment process.

How to set up your offering

To make this work better we are asking what’s missing. For example if you’re a supplier and have any questions get in touch with us at

One of the questions we do get from suppliers once they have finished on-boarding is ‘and then what’? Marketplace is a change from traditional procurement in that it doesn’t require you to go through additional Request for Proposal (RFP) processes. This means rather than completing engagement protocols and filling in forms, you are able to focus more on your value discussion with potential customers.

Government Organisations

Government organisations are communicating that Marketplace integrates well into their own internal approval practises. Marketplace is different, and is flexible in how government organisations integrate it, that means education needs to occur at multiple levels in each organisation for many different audiences.

Our key message is register for Marketplace now, it’s a one-time process, and doesn’t commit you buy anything. If there is a Software as a Service supplier you’d like to use, encourage them to sign up to Marketplace. We’re currently working with the Minstry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE), the government’s functional procurement lead, to list more suppliers.

What is on Marketplace?

The roadmap for new services is looking healthy, and we will be able to share this in 2019. The Marketplace platform will soon offer government organisations and suppliers access to Service Integration and Managed Services (SIMS) – a new Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) common capability.

We think SIMs is a good fit for Marketplace because it will allow government organisations to access new relevant managed services in a flexible and adaptable way. Being a continuously open channel the Marketplace allows suppliers to update and adapt their product offering depending on demand.

By being on Marketplace, government organisations will be able to consume SIMS service through a secondary procurement process. We will be providing guidance on the most appropriate secondary procurement process for these services.

You can expect to see SIMS in the Marketplace in 2019.

International interest

We have been sharing details on Marketplace with our international colleagues. One thing that these discussions highlight is just how innovative Marketplace is on the world stage. We’ve seen this recently with a recent Keynote presentation to the D9, prompting enquires from other leading digital nations for more information. We have also responded to a request from the OECD e-leaders group to provide a case study on Marketplace.

Where can we improve?

One of the biggest challenges we face is helping both government organisations and suppliers get beyond legacy thinking around procurement. That means taking a good look at our existing ways and seeing how they can be reimagined.

We’ve identified three principles which are helping guide our thinking around Marketplace, and may help organisations understand what we’re aiming to achieve.

  • We want the government to act as one enterprise when engaging with the market – in other words be a ‘customer of one’.
  • Our initiatives are centrally led & collaboratively delivered
  • Thirdly we co-design looking at the why, before the what and how.

Expertise from those who know is vital as we move forward, so we invite you to suggest how to get the best from the marketplace, for both suppliers and government organisations.


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