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Here in the redevelopment project team, we’re sharing information about the project early and often. We’re also getting feedback and making changes based on that feedback in a quick and agile way. This will help us to create a better product for our end users.

Back in March we announced that we were kicking off work on developing our beta website. Today we’re announcing another significant milestone: a brand new preview site at

Preview site

We’ve launched to keep you informed about what we’re up to. Our goal is to be open and transparent—providing this preview site is part of that.

In it you’ll find all sorts of information about the redevelopment project, including:

  • the reason for changing the name of the website
  • design principles
  • content style guide
  • first thoughts on colours we might use
  • screenshots of early design concepts for some page types
  • how we’re creating the user experience and getting feedback
  • a timeline of the project’s milestones.

Keep in mind that it’s early days for the mock-ups we’re showing you. By sharing these early mock-ups, we hope to improve them.

So have a look and let us know what you think in the comments below, or flick us an email at

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