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The Service Innovation team is gearing up for a big increase in activity over the next few weeks, following finalisation of funding and an approved work programme.

The Digital Government Partnership Chief Executives  have now confirmed the funding for the Service Innovation work programme for the coming year, after considering the applications to the innovation fund.  This confirmation provides the certainty for the programme and for the associated Lab-based activities to proceed.

The work programme shows the breadth of the work the Service Innovation Working and Reference Groups want to progress.  We will continue to prioritise the work based on what is most urgent and what our All Of Government agencies have the capacity to focus on. 

There are currently several streams of work underway at different stages including Rates Rebate, Renting a Property, Notice of Sale and some work on Better Rules across government.  Others are in the emergent stage as we talk with agencies about their needs and scope what is needed.

To deliver on the work programme and what the agencies require, the Lab team is growing to round out its skill set and capacity.  We are hiring now and have some great talent about to come on board but we’re interested in hearing from anyone who could contribute to the core lab team and who is dedicated to making a difference for the people of New Zealand.

While a range of new people will be flowing through the doors over coming weeks, sadly we are also losing Pia Andrews as our Lab lead.  She is taking up an offer she literally could not pass up.  Thankfully she plans to stay connected to our work and will be staying on the SIRG team.  We also see this as a great opportunity to build a much closer relationship to the New South Wales Government Lab and further expand our international links and the work the D7 nation agencies are doing to share expertise and knowledge in the digital innovation space.  In the meantime Nadia Webster will be taking over from Pia to maintain our continuity.

If you'd like to stay across the work coming out of the Service Innovation Lab, please join mailing list.

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