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Identity Conference 2015 Managing Digital Identity and Privacy in a Connected World 18–19 May Wellington

Everyone knows the old adage about how on the internet no one knows you’re a dog. As we move government towards more digital, we’re less concerned about if you’re a dog, but more specifically which dog you are and making sure we’re providing you the right services.

There’s an interesting convergence around the need to identify people but also for people to maintain anonymity and sense of privacy when online. That’s where the Identity Conference comes in because:

Digital identity and privacy have become critical enablers of service transformation and data-driven innovation. How then can we maximise the benefits and minimise the risks around identity and privacy in our increasingly digitised and connected ways of living, working, socialising, shopping, and playing?

For me it’s about getting the conversation right about identity in a digital world, but balanced with the concerns and challenges of respecting people’s privacy.

In my role as the General Manager of Digital Transformation at the Department of Internal Affairs, I’ll be presenting on the subject of service transformation. I’ll explain why we think RealMe is vital to this transformation and how it can play the role of a key, a passport and a curtain when it comes to proving and protecting your identity online.

I’ll also be there to listen. In government it can be very easy to get narrow-minded based on what we want to achieve but it’s important to get broad and open dialogue going. The Identity Conference provides the ideal platform to bring together world-leading global and local thinkers. There will be academics and researchers there as well as the digirati and government alike.

I’m personally looking forward to have my mind expanded by all the smart thinkers in this space; I’ll be doing my best to also contribute to the discourse. I intend to be there for the full two days to soak up all I can. I’d love it if you came to talk to me around transformation of government digitally. There’s a lot to do!

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