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Marketplace provides an open and flexible online space for suppliers and agencies — large and small — to do business. In this post we’ll cover off what’s been added, how you can get involved and what the future holds.

How can we make it quicker and easier for government to buy the things it needs? And how can we do it in a way that’s open and fair — and allows innovation to flourish?

“More and more, the answer is through,” says Jane Kennedy, Acting GM, Commercial Strategy and Delivery.

Marketplace is the Department of Internal Affairs’ (DIA) flexible and secure space for eligible agencies and suppliers to buy and sell products and services. Launched last year, we’ve recently refreshed Marketplace with a new look and an expanded catalogue.

In this post we’ll cover what’s been added, how you can get involved, and what the future holds.

Overview of Marketplace

Marketplace provides an open and flexible online space for suppliers and agencies — large and small — to do business. Accessed through it helps simplify how the NZ Government buys ICT and lowers the barriers for suppliers to provide government with services.

What’s happened so far

We’ve added new functionality to Marketplace, growing the types of capabilities that can be bought.

New channels for Consultancy and Professional Services and Managed Services are now available in addition to the existing Software as a Service (SaaS) channel.

Notification that the new upgraded Marketplace is open has been widely published and covered by media.

Supplier applications are steadily increasing across the 3 open channels, SaaS, Managed Services and Consulting & Professional Services. These applications come from both New Zealand based and overseas businesses.

Government agency registrations also continue to track upward, with activity underway to support their move onto the platform.

How to get involved


Marketplace is open to all suppliers who meet the entry criteria — no current contract with government is needed. As a supplier you can apply to list your services when you’re ready to do so — and update your service offering at any time.

You can review the application entry criteria and the standard commercial terms before deciding to apply.

If you’re a service supplier and want to find out more, visit Marketplace


Marketplace provides an open, flexible and secure online environment for agencies and suppliers to buy and sell services.

Buying from the Marketplace is a secondary procurement process. Agencies set their own business rules and approval processes for purchasing. Agencies only have to register and set-up once to be able to buy.

You can start the sign-up process today and complete later — your registration details are securely held for 30 days.

What happens next

Over coming months we’ll announce new catalogues and service descriptions.

You can track the timeline for when new capabilities are set to be released on the Marketplace page on

If your product or service don’t appear to align with the current catalogues, contact us at We’ll be happy to record your interest.

More information

Visit for more information and contact details. We’re happy to help with any questions or queries you may have.

We’ve written before about Marketplace and how it’s helping transform procurement. You can read previous posts about Marketplace on

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