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How digital inclusion is measured

The Digital Inclusion Outcomes Framework describes how we will measure digital inclusion and its benefits in New Zealand.

The Framework describes the short-, medium- and long-term outcomes we expect from the work to remove the barriers to digital inclusion.

Read full Digital Inclusion Outcomes Framework

Digital Inclusion Outcomes Framework

The Framework will also help us to:

  • understand and measure the impact of government’s digital inclusion initiatives in New Zealand
  • have a common way to be able to communicate about digital inclusion in New Zealand and progress the work
  • understand the consequences of an increased number of digitally included people and how it affects the lives of individuals and society as a whole
  • see where there is room for improvement and where to best focus initiatives to get the outcomes we are looking for
  • incorporate Te Ao Māori (the Māori worldview), which accounts for Māori digital inclusion-related issues and aspirations.

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