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Confirmation Service

The Confirmation Service allows organisations to check identity information against official databases saving time and money as well as reducing risk.

Service description

The Confirmation Service is a way for organisations to quickly confirm the accuracy and validity of identity information in a privacy-protective manner.

The Confirmation Service works by providing a ‘Consistent’, ‘Not Consistent’, or ‘Exception’ response to identity information entered in official databases.

Key features of the service:

  • confirms customer identity data against passports, births, deaths and citizenship databases
  • caters for real-time or batch processing for single query or large volume transactions
  • requires customer consent, ensuring privacy is always protected
  • complies with New Zealand identity and privacy legislation.

The Identity Information Confirmation Act 2012


The Confirmation Service is delivered via a flexible platform.

Partner Intermediaries provide access to the service. These Intermediaries specialise in providing complete identity verification solutions and have passed a rigorous review of their security and risk management practices.


This delivery model promotes choice for users and provides the benefits associated with a tailored, packaged solution to meet specific business requirements.

Key benefits include:

  • reduced risk — combats identity crime more effectively by leveraging Internal Affairs identity information in the establishment of identity processes
  • reduced business costs — reduces reliance on expensive manual checking procedures
  • improved customer service — enhances business processes to provide a better customer experience
  • compliance — helps support statutory obligations such as the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (AML/CFT) and other ‘know your customer’ business processes.

Lead Agency

Te Tari Taiwhenua Department of Internal Affairs



Adopting the service

Apply for the Confirmation Service by contacting one of the partner Intermediaries.

Organisations approved to act as Intermediaries —

Email Service Delivery and Operations (SDO) — Information Partnerships for more information.

Lead Agency Agreement summary

  • Managed Service

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