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Enterprise risk maturity

The All-of-Government (AoG) Enterprise Risk Maturity Assessment Framework (gERMAF) enables agencies to assess their current level of risk maturity and identify ways they can improve.

Benefits of enterprise risk maturity

Higher levels of risk maturity support risk-informed decision making to:

  • better manage strategic risks and opportunities
  • optimise the allocation of resources to programmes and projects
  • improve day-to-day management of operations.

Agencies can complete their assessment using the online spreadsheet version.

Benefits to agencies

Agencies can use the results of their self-assessment to:

  • have better conversations with senior business leaders about risk management needs to support risk-informed decision making
  • help 'right size' risk maturity to ensure risk management practices are fit for purpose
  • help prepare for external assessments such as a capital Performance Improvement Framework review, financial audit or Investor Confidence Rating assessment, resulting in improved confidence by key stakeholders
  • support collaboration with other agencies and across sectors to lift risk maturity, including opportunities to demonstrate system stewardship.
Diagram 1: Overview of gERMAF

A blue wheel divided into sections titled the AoG Enterprise Risk Maturity Assessment Framework. Long description available below.

Detailed description of diagram

This diagram is a wheel depicting the attributes of the All-of-Government Enterprise Risk Maturity Assessment Framework.

The attributes are grouped into 4 quadrants. At the top of the wheel is the Leadership & Direction element which contains 3 attributes — Governance, Policy & Accountabilities; Culture, Innovation & Risk Appetite; and Continuous Improvement.

Moving clockwise on the right-hand side of the wheel is the People & Development element which contains 2 attributes — Roles & Responsibilities; and Resourcing, Skills & Training.

At the bottom of the wheel is the Processes & Tools element with 3 attributes — Risk Assessment & Mitigation; Assurance; and Risk Monitoring & Reporting.

Finally, on the left side of the wheel is the last element which is Business Performance with 4 attributes — Strategic Risk Management; Managing Risk in Partnerships; Business Resilience; and Change & Transformation.

Case studies

Find out how agencies are using the gERMAF and the benefits they're gaining.

Department of Corrections case study

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