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DPUP Principles in brief

The 5 Principles in the Data Protection and Use Policy (DPUP) focus on people and wellbeing to help agencies provide respectful, trusted and transparent interactions and practices.

Summaries of the 5 Principles

The 5 Principles articulate values and behaviours:

  • to help ensure data practices are focused on the wellbeing of people and communities
  • that underpin the respectful, trusted and transparent use of data
  • that work together and reinforce each other.

He Tāngata

Focus on improving people’s lives — individuals, children and young people, whānau, iwi and communities.

The He Tāngata Principle has a special role. It wraps around DPUP as a whole. It reminds us that everything we do with data should be with this question in mind: “How does this contribute toward the wellbeing of the individual or community?”


Respect and uphold the mana and dignity of the people, whānau, communities or groups who share their data and information.

Mana Whakahaere<span>

Empower people by giving them choice and enabling their access to, and use of, their data and information.


Act as a steward in a way people understand and trust.


Work as equals to create and share valuable knowledge.

Developing the Principles

DPUP’s engagement and design processes were developed to ensure the final policy genuinely incorporates the voices of many people and agencies.

As DPUP developed, it became clear that the Principles, Guidelines and related behaviours aligned with te ao Māori values. During the engagement and design process, and in collaboration with the Social Wellbeing Agency’s Chief Māori Advisor, conversations were held with various individuals and groups to determine how the Principles fitted with te ao Māori values and how each Principle could be best described in te reo Māori.

Māori words, or kupu, are rich in meaning and can mean many things. Read the Principles in detail to find the meaning of the kupu chosen to describe each Principle in the context of the DPUP. These kupu have been tested with a range of Māori stakeholders.

Read the Principles in detail

You can read about each of the 5 DPUP Principles in detail online or download the 6-page guide.

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