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List the causes of each risk and the impacts if they happen

Making these lists helps to give your risk assessment team a clear view of the risks facing your organisation.

Causes of risks

Putting all of the causes together in a list, separate from the risk scenarios, gives another angle for seeing where risks to your organisation’s information system are coming from.

Examples of risk causes
  • The information system is deployed as an internet-facing service.
  • The information system is an attractive target to criminals or hacktivists.
  • Patches may not be applied in a timely manner.
  • Default accounts and passwords are not changed or removed.
  • When a staff member leaves the organisation, their user accounts are not disabled or removed in a timely manner.

Impacts of the risks happening

Putting all of the impacts together, separate from the risk scenarios, gives a clear overview of the negative consequences your organisation faces with its information system’s risks.

For clarity across stakeholders, state the impacts in business terms — not technical terms.

Examples of the impacts of the risks happening
  • There is reputational damage to the organisation.
  • IN-CONFIDENCE information is disclosed to an unauthorised party.
  • There is a breach of the Privacy Act 2020.
  • Service delivery is impacted due to a loss of productivity.
  • There is a loss of confidence in the service by key stakeholders.

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