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Benefits of using public cloud services

Public cloud services provide scalable, secure and highly resilient infrastructure tools and web applications. There are immediate and long-term benefits to government organisations using them.

Immediate benefits of public cloud services

Public cloud services help government organisations to:

  • reduce their costs — using economies of scale
  • increase the mobility of their workforces — accessing the services anywhere there’s an internet connection
  • get people working together more easily — working in different teams, buildings and government networks
  • quickly adapt their services — setting them up without the cost of establishing and maintaining the hardware, software and supporting infrastructure
  • improve the security of their information systems — public cloud services from global providers are typically more secure than traditional information technology (IT) systems
  • strengthen the resilience of their services — managing their risks and, if any happen, reducing the impacts.

Long-term benefits of public cloud services

Using public cloud services actively contributes to New Zealand’s long-term Strategy for a Digital Public Service by:

  • creating an agile public service — being more efficient in operations and flexible in service delivery models creates better experiences for New Zealanders with government services
  • keeping business continuity for the services delivered by government organisations — people are able to work wherever there’s an internet connection in resilient, secure and efficient ways
  • building New Zealand’s digital economy — boosting this area of growth and attracting investments, such as hyperscale data centres, in New Zealand from cloud service providers.

Strategy for a Digital Public Service: Outcomes

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