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Optional NZ government agreements and contracts with access to public cloud services

All-of-government agreements and Marketplace contracts simplify the contractual process and reduce the costs of public cloud services.

Benefits of all-of-government agreements and Marketplace contracts

All-of-government agreements and Marketplace contracts:

  • simplify the contractual process — taking less time to agree on terms for acquiring public cloud services
  • reduce the costs of public cloud services — leveraging the scale of New Zealand’s government organisations as a single customer.

Assess the risks before using optional all-of-government agreements and Marketplace contracts

For the information system you’re looking to use with these agreements or contracts, you’ll still need to do a risk assessment. It's needed to account for factors that are unique to your:

  • information system
  • business context.

Assess the risks of using a public cloud service

Check for certification documents you can use

You can use certification documents to help with your risk assessment of using either:

  • an all-of-government agreement
  • a Marketplace contract.

To get these, contact the security team at the Department of Internal Affairs at

Current all-of-government agreements

Marketplace — Software-as-a-Service contracts

Marketplace offers Software as a Service (SaaS) from providers who have gone through their security and risk assurance process. This includes the provider’s answers to the cloud risk assessment tool, which should help with your risk assessment for your information system.

SaaS providers on Marketplace

The providers listed on Marketplace offer applications in areas such as:

  • data analytics
  • shared working
  • digital publishing
  • project management
  • online marketing.

Public cloud services channel for Software as a Service (SaaS) — Marketplace

Register to see the full list

To see the full list of providers of public cloud services on Marketplace, you need to either:

  • check with your organisation’s procurement team to see if it’s already an agency member of Marketplace
  • register with Marketplace as an agency.

Register your agency — Marketplace

More information — Cloud Capabilities Network

The Government Chief Digital Officer has set up a network for learning about using public cloud services. The Cloud Capabilities Network includes sharing resources among its many benefits.

Join the Cloud Capabilities Network — help with public cloud services

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