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Exceptions criteria and prompting questions

There are 4 criteria to consider. Use the prompting questions for each criteria to help assess if you can get an on-premises exception.

The exceptions criteria


    Operational criteria questions

    Is the on-premises information and communications technology (ICT)  investment needed:

    • for regulatory compliance, government standards, or similar requirements that cannot be achieved using a cloud solution?
    • to meet guidelines for Māori data, as was identified via Māori-Crown agency collaboration or by following He Aratohu Kapua?
    • for more direct system control — required by the system functionality over cloud options?
    • to gain better access to skilled staff (resource availability) than are available with cloud options?
    • to achieve a lower environmental impact (including energy usage and waste) compared with cloud options?

    Financial criteria questions

    • Is the existing on-premises equipment relatively new and not fully depreciated?
    • Is the on-premises solution more feasible due to limits on ongoing OPEX (operating expenditure) and available CAPEX (capital expenditure) — in other words, budget constraints?
    • When considering all costs (total cost of ownership), is the on-premises investment significantly more cost-effective than cloud solutions?

    Technical criteria questions

    Is on-premises ICT investment:

    • necessary due to a lack of suitable cloud alternatives for key functionalities?
    • hosting required for special hardware, configurations, or systems that are only available in a non-cloud environment?
    • preferred due to better integration with existing systems, or because cloud integration may be complex and costly?
    • the necessary solution due to the vendor’s reputation, track record and required support levels?
    • required to ensure compatibility with existing systems (interoperability)?
    • a better option for real-time processing and zero latency (delay) tolerance?
    • necessary due to a low tolerance for system failure?

    Specialist criteria questions

    Does the on-premises solution offer much simpler system integration than the cloud solution?

    Is on-premises hosting:

      • necessary for bespoke on-premises applications?
      • required for critical systems (such as those in medical, border control, and financial functions) to ensure reliability and safety and to avoid severe impact when a cloud solution is unavailable?
      • essential for storing and managing sensitive or objectified material in a secure environment?
      • required due to undeveloped or limited application programming interfaces (APIs)?

      Ready to do your assessment now?

      Download the self-assessment tool.

      On-premises exceptions self-assessment tool [XLS 782KB]

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