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What to do about shadow cloud in your organisation

Managing shadow cloud is the best action to take — support your efforts by also taking action in other areas of your organisation.

Manage shadow cloud

Shadow cloud is always going to be present in any organisation — that’s why it’s important to manage it.

Manage shadow cloud in your organisation

Get senior management on board for managing shadow cloud

Senior management needs to understand the:

Extreme approaches do not count as managing shadow cloud

Not doing anything about shadow cloud is not an option. Oddly enough, being too strict will have the same or similar effects. Avoid extreme approaches to shadow cloud.

Problems with extreme approaches to shadow cloud

What leaders of business units can do — teach your people

In your organisation, make sure you encourage the leaders of each business unit to teach the people working there how to:

What senior management can do — help your people

Your organisation’s senior management team should think about and plan how to:

Be proactive, but also patient

It’s unrealistic to expect good practices to catch on overnight. Apply the guidance from the Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) on in ways that make sense to your government organisation.

Get started — how to manage shadow cloud

Bring your organisation’s use of public cloud into line with its cloud plan and Cabinet’s requirement for risk assessments.

How to manage shadow cloud in your organisation

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