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Take a look at this interesting report on using technology to build better relationships with users. It has a slight buy-our-product bias, but the insights are still very valuable.

One of the lessons is a definition of what the report calls “digital Darwinism”, which is the evolution of consumer behaviour when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to adapt.

Other noted trends are:

Mobile, social, real-time: consumers with mobile internet and social media access are the driving force behind market changes. One analyst says, Every consumer, practically, has a mobile phone. Many of them are on social media. Everyone is using apps and has access to the internet.…We live in a real-time world that is quickly evolving into an on-demand economy.

On-the-fly responsiveness: Siloed approaches to customer communications are out, and an interconnected ability to compose relevant and timely responses on-the-fly is in.

Cross-channel communications: managing communication across multiple touch points — email, phone, direct mail and SMS — and throughout the customer life cycle to provide relevant information.

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