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We are an all-of-government service innovation lab enabling government agencies, NGOs, private organisations and the public to come and work together in a neutral space. We work in the open with a remit to create reusable components that can be applied and shared across many platforms and agencies.

The Service Innovation Lab is a values-driven organisation, with a flat structure. We apply both human- and machine-centred design approaches, enabling systemic change for government and for the people who interact with government. We take a holistic view of the needs of New Zealanders, working across complex ‘Life Event/Journey’ views of service delivery, such as coming to New Zealand or becoming a senior. 

We are looking for values driven, optimistic and skilled change makers to help transform government services for the benefit of New Zealanders, working across the Aotearoa New Zealand government system. We also want people with either a familiarity of reo Māori - including basic a knowledge of tikanga and kaupapa - or a willingness to learn.

We are looking for a combination of skills, including:

  • designers (system, service, games, UCD, UI);
  • qualitative and quantitative researchers and evaluation (UX, DX, data and causal analysis, anthropologists);
  • developers and technologists (modern web & backend languages, API geeks, creative technologists, modular architecture, legislation as code, system integration specialists);
  • product owners and producers (to manage end to end initiatives); and
  • public service people who understand and want to support positive change for agencies.

We have 10 roles to fill, and are looking for a combination of employees (fixed term) and secondments from across government, because we recognise real change will only come from bringing different skills and experience together from the public, private and community sectors.   We operate as a team, with the goal of never working alone. We learn Te Reo Māori and kaupapa Māori together, bringing the unique context of New Zealand Aotearoa into everything we do.

We will be publicly advertising the roles in the next couple of weeks.  If you want to apply please starting thinking about what you want to include in your application. 

We will be looking at all applications together and aiming for the best possible balance of skills, experience and diversity to help deliver on a  very ambitious work agenda If you work in a government agency already and would like to explore the possibility of a secondment, please send us your secondment expression of interest  so we can sit down with you and see if you are a good fit (skills, culture, openness, flexibility), after which we can work with you to explore secondment possibilities with your home agency. 

If you want to be notified about the roles when they are advertised, please join our mailing list.

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