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GCDO Assurance Services Panel

The Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) Assurance Services Panel (GCDO Panel) makes it easy for agencies to access highly qualified providers of assurance services for digital investments.

Pocket guide

The pocket guide for the GCDO Assurance Services Panel summarises the information on this page.

Pocket guide: Government Chief Digital Officer Assurances Panel (PDF 711KB)


The objective of the GCDO Panel is to improve the quality, consistency and independence of assurance services provided to agencies in order to achieve the following outcomes:

  • helping agencies to make better informed investment decisions
  • providing confidence to the Chief Executive and other key stakeholders that the expected investment outcomes and benefits will be achieved
  • delivering value for money and efficiencies for agencies by not having to maintain their own panels or perform lengthy tender processes.

Who has to use the GCDO Panel?

The following agencies are required to use the GCDO Panel for Independent Quality Assurance (IQA) and Technical Quality Assurance (TQA) services for digital investments, regardless of whether the investment is high risk or not: 

  • public service departments
  • non-public service departments
  • certain Crown entities (ACC, EQC, NZQA, Waka Kotahi, Kainga Ora, NZTE, TEC, Te Whatu Ora).

Other agencies are encouraged and welcome to use the GCDO Panel.

How do I access the GCDO Panel?

The GCDO Panel is a sub-panel under the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s (MBIE) All-of-Government (AoG) Consultancy Services Panel (AoG Consultancy Panel). Agencies that are eligible to participate in AoG contracts can automatically access the GCDO Panel provided they have signed up for the AoG Consultancy Panel.

AoG Consultancy Panel — Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Selecting a provider

Providers appointed to the GCDO Panel must meet the GCDO’s quality requirements covering:

  • Lead Reviewers responsible for delivering assurance engagements
  • engagement terms of reference
  • maintaining the independence of providers
  • assurance reports.

You can choose to source a provider directly from the GCDO Panel or undertake a secondary selection process. In making this decision consider the budget, timeframes, specific nature of your requirements and any existing or past relationships as well as any internal financial delegations and processes your agency may have.

A secure web-based online panel directory is available to assist with searching and identifying a suitable provider for your assurance engagement. You are able to search by IQA/TQA assurance services category, GCDO quality rating, AoG tier status, and daily rate range.

The online panel directory is only available to agencies participating in MBIE’s AoG Consultancy Panel. You should contact your approved agency procurement representative to obtain the login details for your agency.

Assurance engagement terms of reference

Assurance report executive summaries

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