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How to adopt public cloud services

What to do before using public cloud services, and how government organisations make them available to their people.

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    Classify information properly

    Since only data that’s classified as RESTRICTED or below can be used with a public cloud service, classifying information in your organisation is essential.

    Make sure you know the classification levels for information before doing risk assessments.

    Classify information

  2. 2

    Know the benefits of using public cloud services

    There are immediate and long-term benefits to government organisations using public cloud services.

    Benefits of using public cloud services

  3. 3

    Use your organisation’s cloud plan

    Check your organisation's approach to public cloud services and if there's already an approved tool that meets your business needs. Your responsibilities for a cloud plan depend on whether you're:

    • part of the senior management team
    • a leader in a business unit
    • in another role in your organisation.

    Use your cloud plan

  4. 4

    See how to buy public cloud services

    Government organisations can access public cloud services by using:

    • All-of-Government agreements
    • Marketplace contracts
    • separate contracts with other providers of public cloud services — set up by you and your organisation.

    Ways to buy public cloud services

  5. 5

    Use the risk discovery tool

    Use this tool to find out which risks and security controls to consider. This helps you do your risk assessment in a way that matches your effort with the risk and value of the information you’ll be using in a public cloud service.

    Risk discovery tool for public cloud services

  6. 6

    Use your organisation’s process for assessing risks

    Government organisations should have a process for assessing risks approved by their senior management.

    There might be situations when your organisation is developing or improving the process and need an example template. The Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) has guidance on:

Help with public cloud services

In addition to the information on, the GCDO has set up a network for learning about using public cloud services.

Join the Cloud Capabilities Network

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