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How to use the DPUP toolkit

You can use these tools for a range of different activities. They’re a good way to start using the Data Protection and Use Policy (DPUP) directly in your work.

What the toolkit offers

The toolkit is a good starting point for using DPUP in your agency and applying its advice to your work. Depending on your role, you will not need to use all its resources.

The toolkit’s resources describe:

  • general summaries about aspects of DPUP, such as the Principles and Guidelines
  • good practice across the range of activities you normally come across in your role
  • task-specific advice, such as understanding consent forms.

All items in the toolkit are brief, often no longer than 2 pages. They can be downloaded, are available in a variety of formats, including HTML, and most can be edited.

The toolkit contains:

  • forms
  • checklists
  • summaries
  • a quiz
  • workshop instructions
  • case studies
  • videos.

Use the resources

These sections describe how the toolkit is organised. They provide links for people to use in ways that make the most sense to them and their agency's work.


DPUP overview

Read the 1-page DPUP overview.

What DPUP is

Read the DPUP summary for your role.


Read the summary for each Principle, as well as each Principle in full.

Work through a series of questions under each of the 5 Principles to help think through how to apply them in your work.

Understand the DPUP Principles in practice


Read a 2-page summary of each Guideline and watch the 90-second videos that explain each Guideline's key concepts.

DPUP Guidelines in brief

Read the Guidlines in full.

Read the DPUP Guidelines

DPUP workshop

Ensure your agency understands DPUP’s purpose and how it applies to their roles.

How to introduce DPUP to your agency

How DPUP relates to other laws and guidance

Understand the other souces of law or good practice advice you should be aware of, and how they relate to DPUP.

DPUP's relationship to other laws and guidance


Watch the 3.5-minute Introduction to DPUP video.

What DPUP is

Watch the 90-second videos that summarise each of the 4 Guidelines.

DPUP Guidelines in brief


Use this 1-page checklist to help you take some practical actions to align your work with DPUP's advice.

Check your actions align with DPUP

Use the Transparency and Choice checklist to check each of the key ideas in the Guideline have been thought through. 

Create transparency and choice

Use this checklist to go through what applies to the process of setting up contracting, funding and partnering arrangements between funding organisations and service providers.

If you work in funding, contracting or partnering

Task-specific tools

Case studies

Read the case study for having a baby in South Auckland.

If you work in analysis, research or evaluation

Utility links and page information

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