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Information Security Professional Services

Information Security Professional Services lists industry experts who can provide government agencies with ICT services and advice on a range of security and privacy practices.

Service description

Information Security Professional Services is part of an ongoing programme of work to ensure government agencies continually lift privacy and security standards as government transitions to providing digital products and services.

This service category largely caters for security requirements relating to information and communications technology (ICT). Agency requirements for other types of security — for example, physical, personnel, or intelligence-based, are not included in this panel. 

Services available through Marketplace include:

  • Information security risk management and assessment
  • Information security governance and strategy
  • Information security assurance
  • source code, application review and technical testing
  • ICT forensics, investigation and security incident response.

Please note this service category is for consultancy and professional services only and does not include the provision of software or managed services.


The Lead Agency Agreement with the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) allows eligible agencies to enter into agreements with any of the service providers and purchase the services described in the agreement.

Your agency must only use the service provider for the services they’ve been contracted for.

If your agency wants to use a service provider for other work, you must conduct a separate purchasing and contracting process.


The intention of this panel is to grow market capability and ensure that a consistent and cost-effective service is provided to all government agencies.

Other benefits include:

  • a new online portal, replacing the traditional paper-based service catalogue
  • flexibility to complete an assignment spanning multiple service categories using services offered by one service provider
  • improved supplier-to-lead agency reporting.

Lead Agency

Te Tari Taiwhenua The Department of Internal Affairs



Adopting the service

Agencies wanting to adopt the service undertake a secondary procurement process. For more information visit the Marketplace.

How to get a contract

Visit Marketplace — what new agencies need to know for information about joining Marketplace and procuring services.

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